Becoming a Franchise Step by Step

A frozen dessert franchise is a solid business opportunity and our reputation for strength and stability is an important ingredient in your future success. By capitalizing on the names, knowledge and stability of the system, the franchise entrepreneur has a competitive edge over someone starting a business on their own.

Our franchisees are important to us. Through our franchise owner network, we can assist new and existing franchisees with the support services for operations, marketing and training. The franchisee’s input has a tremendous impact on business and product development. OUR RELATIONSHIP WITH OUR FRANCHISEES IS SECOND TO NONE!

Our successful franchise relationships did not come without hard work. Any franchised business is only as good as the franchisee is prepared to make it. It may start with the expertise and reputation of the franchiser…but it all comes down to you and your initiative, effort and determination.

As with any business opportunity, it is the potential franchisee’s responsibility and obligation to conduct a thorough and independent investigation of the business, and to consult with your accountant and/or attorney regarding potential benefits and risks associated with a new business venture.


Read thoroughly all of these website materials. Then if you are interested in pursuing a franchise opportunity, please follow these steps:


Complete and return the Franchise Application enclosed with the material. It is in everyone’s best interest to learn as much as we can in the formative stages of our relationship, so please enclose any materials that may be relevant, such as current and complete personal or corporate financial statements.

Franchise Inquiry

Once we receive your application, a representative from the Franchise Department will contact you to address your initial questions.



After receiving your application and determining from the information provided that you meet our preliminary financial and business qualifications, we will contact you to set up a personal interview, During your visit to our corporate headquarters in Ohio, you’ll have an opportunity to meet with members of our management and franchise development teams, This will give you an up close and personal visit to evaluate our organization. During this meeting we will discuss the conditions of the franchise agreement and determine the market area you are interested in developing.

Once all parties are in agreement that the process should continue, we will grant you a Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD). The FDD contains more information on the company, the company’s financial statements and franchise agreement. This information should be carefully reviewed with the assistance of your attorney. Once all the questions have been answered and the documents have been executed, we would expect any and all applicable franchise fees, along with your documentation, to be delivered to the corporate offices.

This is a brief overview of the approval process. Once you have received the FDD and the Unit Franchise Agreement, your approval should it be granted, will take place within 30-60 days. It is our intent that the process is informative as well as it is amicable. We look forward to your questions as well as your commitment to excellence.

We are excited about the possibility of granting you a franchise. We are more excited about having you as part of our team. Good Luck!